Private medical care for the family

Tuesday, 18th Jun, 2024

Coombe Medical Practice Fees

Coombe Medical Practice offers a choice of registration.  Patients can join as Retainer patients or Non-retainer patients.  Retainer patients pay an annual fee – see list of charges.  The retainer scheme runs from 1st August until 31st July the following year.

Retainer patients benefit from reduced consultation/visit rates and can avail themselves of some services free of charge.

Family members are taken to be from the same family unit and resident at the same address.  Patients may join at any time during the twelve months, but full payment must be made as above; such patients may therefore prefer to pay at the non-retainer rate, joining the scheme on 1st August the following year.  Please see list of charges here.

Interest at 6% above base rate will be charged on accounts outstanding by more than two weeks.

Please see our full list of charges here