Private medical care for the family

Sunday, 14th Jul, 2024

Coombe Medical Practice Fees

Consultation at clinic*  
Weekday home visit: 9am - 6pm*  
Consultation at clinic: weekends 9am - 6pm*  
Home visit: weekend 9am - 6pm*  

6pm - 9am (week days)*

6pm - 9am (weekends)*

Blood test (s) / bacteriology.  Please note: laboratory will also invoice directly per test  
Additional family member consultation*  
+ £60 (weekday)
+ £107 (weekend)
Telephone advice/email – at doctor's discretion  
Up to ten included (UK only)
£51 charge if after
6pm and before 9am
weekdays, and
throughout weekend.
(extra charges apply for out of hours and weekends)
Ear syringe: consult +  
Audiogram: consult +  
ECG: consult +  

Referral letter 



Up to 6 repeat regular
prescriptions included


Insurance forms/medical letters



Retainer fee (for year)


£111 for single patient
£212 for two members
£303 for three members
£395 for four members
£450 for five members
£544 for six members (+ additional
family member(s) £76 per person
*Consultation charge is for 20 minutes.  Extra charges apply for extended consultations/number of medical issues – in consultations, home visits and telephone calls.  New patient registration appointments will be charged a minimal of double rate (or more if extended time) for the first appointment.  Home visiting rates (charged according to duration) apply to 'local' visits (Coombe, Kingston, New Malden, SW19 and SW20).  Visits outside these areas are not undertaken.  Appointments are not guaranteed on the day.  Higher rates are charged during the Easter holiday, Christmas Eve/Christmas Day/Boxing Day, New Year's Eve/New Year's Day and on Bank Holidays.
Missed appointments      
Cancelled more than 6 hrs before appt  
No charge
Cancelled less than 6 hrs before appt / failed to attend  
Half fee

Interest at 6% above base rate will be charged on accounts outstanding by more than two weeks